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Charity Donations

BA5Emag strives to make your buying experience a charitable one. Five percent (5%) of the proceeds from every advertorial purchase you make will go to the charity of your choice.

BA5Emag is not a “Charity.”

All Charities and non-profits with whom we collaborate must maintain valid Federal Tax Exempt Status. Those organizations have agreed that, if they lose that Tax Exempt Status, they will notify BA5Emag of that loss of status. Furthermore, We the People Coffee & Tea retain the right to terminate our relationship with the Charities listed on our website at any time.

The term “Donation” refers to the five percent (5%) of a customer’s purchase that is contributed to the Charity of the customer’s choice. This 10% is computed before tax is applied to the purchase price.
We cannot guarantee that the donations to the chosen Charity represent precisely 5% of the customer’s purchase price. While we strive to make sure that the donation amounts to 5% of the purchase price, the amount donated may be occasionally slightly higher or lower than 5% of the purchase price.

It is our goal to payout charities on a monthly basis. However, payout may be delayed if the charity has not yet advised us as to where checks should be sent, or if they have not yet set up their payout account with us. Donation payment may not be issued on a monthly basis if it is determined that payout totals must reach $500 before payment is issued.

Donation money will be held for each charity for 30 days until they are able to claim their donations. Any donation that a Charity does not claim within 30 days of the issue date of the donation payout, whether that be checks cashed or funds withdrawn, will be reassigned and dispersed to a cause of BA5Emag’s choice.

Presently we do not allow customers to donate an amount of their choosing. The “Donation” portion of the customer’s purchase is limited to 5% of the customer’s total purchase.

The Customer cannot claim as tax deductions Donations given through our website. The donation process is handled entirely by BA5Emag after the purchase is made with a Sales Rep. This is because the donation is made as part of the purchase price rather than a separate partition.